My 1st 48 hours out - continuity of care (note: project sections under development!)

Guidelines for naloxone provision upon release from prison and other custodial settings - a hands-on toolkit for policy makers and practitioners on how to set up and run naloxone programmes for overdose prevention upon release from prison and other custodial settings.

The toolkit aim at providing hands-on recommendations for policy makers and practitioners from prison health services on how to promote, initiate and manage interventions related to overdose prevention through naloxone programs and how to organise related training and capacity building.

Kirsten Horsburgh from the Scottish Drugs Forum, author of the guidelines, analysed information and literature available from a number of European countries as well as relying on the Scottish national naloxone programme experience, with particular reference to interventions focusing on people leaving prison.

The French version of this toolkit is available here: Naloxone à la sortie de prison. Recommandations pour la mise à disposition de la naloxone à la sortie de prison et des autres lieux de privation de liberté.