You can access Harmreduction.eu courses through a web browser (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) on any internet-connected computer.

enrol5 1a


enrol5 1

  • On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a login box. Log in using your username and password into the appropriate textboxes and then click on the “login” button. This is the same username and password you use to access your email

  • If you are accessing the course for the first time, you should create a new account.
    Click „Create new account” button and fill out the form with your details
    (as shown below).

enrol5 2

  • An email will be immediately sent to you. Read the message, and click on the link it contains. Your account will be confirmed and you will be logged in.

  • When you log in to the platform, select the course you want to participate. The page after logging into the platform will be as shown below. Note that the list of courses at the centre of the screen will disappear in some views when you are logged in: it will only show only courses that you are enrolled in. In such case, you can still access the full list of the available courses in the left-hand menu. So, as a next step – enrol into the selected course(s).



Note! Harmreduction.eu courses are open access, but you need to be logged in to access online tests/ quizzes and answer open questions!


Course enrolment

  • Once you have selected to participate in at least one course, you can see a list of all courses which you are enrolled in. Click the name of the course you want to enter. Then the click you see the page as shown below. On the menu left side, you must click “Enrol me on this course”.



Course layout

To access a course in Harmreduction.eu e-learning platform, just click on the name of the course. This should take you to the home page of the course.

Each course in Harmreduction.eu e-learning platform contains similar items but may look completely different depending on what resources the course contains. The example below shows what a typical course looks like:


Navigation bar

Each Harmreduction.eu platform page has a horizontal navigation bar at the top. The navigation bar tells you where you are in the course and it allows you to return to the course page (if you click the short name for the course) at any time.

Side blocks

The e-learning platform has an additional column with blocks of information, on one side of the course contents area.  You can find there some additional information related to your course, or assisting you with an easier navigation to different parts of the course.

Course content area

Consists of course sections. The first section usually has general information about the course. The remaining sections contain course resources (such as text documents, HTML pages, images, etc) and activities (such as an open question, quizzes, etc).

The icon by the side of the resource title indicates what type of file it is. Click on the title (or the icon) of a resource and, depending on the file type, it will either open directly in the web browser, in a separate browser window, or you may be given the option to download the file directly to your computer.

The resources in a course can include:


The most common HARMREDUCTION e-learning platform activities include:


The Quiz

Click on the quiz name to view the introduction and instructions. The example below provides an introduction to the quiz and tells you there are 3 attempts allowed, and grading method “grade average” means that the average score from all attempts is the final result.



During the quiz, your answers are saved automatically every time you go to a new page. You can change your answers at any time until you submit your quiz, on the final page of the quiz.



How to finish a quiz?

When you finish, you will have a chance to review your quiz answers. Click „Finish attempt” to view the review page.”


The Quiz navigation block is updated as you work through the quiz. Any questions that you flag will be marked with a red mark, any answered questions are shaded in grey and unanswered questions in white.

After the test has been finished, a feedback page appears (see below):


Open questions

At the end of each chapter, you will usually see open questions. Your task is to provide answers, according to the instructions displayed. You will see a text area, where you can type your answer. If you do not enter anything at all, the system will not allow you to finish the chapter.
A suggested answer from your tutors will become available after you have completed your answer.


After clicking the "Submit" button, you will see an alternative version of an answer to the same question – a version prepared in advance by the course tutors. At the same time, your own answer is stored by the e-learning platform and accessible for tutors’ review.


If you want to finish your work with the HR.EU e-learning platform, click the Logout button in the top right corner.



PDF. manual & Support

You can read a brief PDF manual to assist you with using the e-learning platform here. If you have technical problems, please feel free to contact our support:  info[at]harmreduction.eu