This website uses heavily educational materials and guides prepared by a number of experts, and coordinated by Institute of Addiction Research of the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main and UNODC, within several EU programmes. We express our sincere thanks to all those who worked so hard on the preparation of these guides,  for their contributions to its content and their comments. Without you, this website would be just an empty shell - THANK YOU!

Acknowledgements for the "Handbook for starting and managing needle and syringe programmes in prisons":

This guide was prepared by Heino Stöver under the supervision of Fabienne Hariga (UNODC). It was edited by David Marteau and James Baer.  UNODC thanks all those who assisted with the preparation of guide through their contributions to its content and their comments on the drafts: 

Participants in the consultation held in Beirut in April 2011: 

Alina Bocai, Ilona Burduja, Holly Catania, Geta Cucu, Bogdan Gheorghe, Robert Hämmig, Patrick Hoffman, Catalina Iliuta, Sara Jafari, Sandra Ka Hon Chu, Martine Mergen, Alireza Noroozi, Larisa Pintilei, Emran Mohammad Razaghi, Yasmine Refaat, John Ryan, Ehab Salah, Karine Shalaby, Annette Verster.  

Experts who provided comments on the drafts: 

Juan Ambrosioni, Markus Backmund, Glenn Betteridge, Sonia Bezziccheri, Ilona Burduja, Dave Burrows, Bidisha Chatterjee, Dawid Chojecki, Iveta Chovancová, Maria da Graça de Figueiredo Vila, Yvon Dandurand, Daniela de Santis; Vivek Divan, Erika Duffell, Behnam Farhoudi, Dilbar Gafarova, Alex Gatherer, Robert Hämmig, Dagmar Hedrich, Patrick Hoffmann, Ilonka Horvath, Lee-Nah Hsu, Cristina Ionescu, Zahid Iqbal, Rebecca Jesseman, Ralf Jürgens, Sandra Ka Hon Chu, Mostofa Kamal, Dumitru Laticevschi, Ken Legins, Michael Levy, Rick Lines, Chawng Lungmuana, Phil Mackie, Xavier Majó i Roca, Suzanne Mbondi Mfondih, Luis Mendao, Laurent Michel, Jamie P. Morano, Joachim Nelles, Jürgen Noeske, Nicolas Peigné, Larisa Pintilei, 

Anastasia Pharris, Jörg Pont, Sarah Radcliffe, Catherine Ritter, Lisa Ross, Rebecca Ann 

Schleifer, Mohamad Shahbazi, Marc F. Stern, Marija Subataite, Masha Tvaradze, Elisabeth Türscherl, Gino Vumbaca, Peter Wiessner, Hans Wolff, Aleksandr Zelichenko. 

UNODC HIV/AIDS section, in particular Monica Ciupagea, Riku Lethovuori, Ehab Salah and Sylvie Bertrand.  

Acknowledgements for the e-learning courses: "Harm Reduction in Prisons" and "Opioid Substitution Treatment":

The two courses were prepared within "CARE project", which aimed at producing, collating and disseminating data and knowledge on drug use and related risks in prisons and on drug treatment, harm reduction, overdose prevention in custodial settings and reintegration upon release. The project aimed to contribute to the continuity of care for prisoners from prisons to the community and aims at high quality health care delivery.

The project was coordinated by the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt and receives funding from the Drugs Prevention and Information Programme of the European Commission.

Target groups for the project activities include: those in charge of health in prison/upon release, professionals from the criminal justice/health/social services both in prison and in the community and drug users themselves, in Europe and in specific in the countries covered by activities in the project. Final beneficiaries are drug users in prison and the wider community.

Special thanks to the course Tutors: Heino Stöver, Cinzia Brentari, and Laurent Michel.