Naloxone-on-Release (Overdose Prevention) - a free e-learning course

This free course is a product of the project “My first 48 hours out – comprehensive approaches to pre and post-prison release interventions for drug users in the criminal justice system”.

It online course gives participants the opportunity to analyse key aspects of drug-related deaths provision upon release from prison and other custodial settings, learn how to prevent an opiate overdose and explains what to do in the case of witnessing an opiate overdose. By the end of the course, participants will also have an understanding of the opiate overdose reversal medication naloxone, where to obtain a kit and how to utilise it in the case of an overdose.

This course is relevant to prison doctors, prison health care workers, NGOs, people who come into contact with people who use drugs, GPs, nurses, teachers, police, housing workers and social workers and mental health workers.

The objective of this course is to assist in the reduction of opioid-related mortality within the first few weeks following prison release. Specifically, it seeks to:

  • increase the availability of naloxone to people likely to witness an overdose when they are released from prison
  • increase awareness of the identification of the signs and symptoms of an overdose and equip people with the skills to respond effectively.

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