Dostępność, pokrycie zapotrzebowania i przepisy dotyczące środków zabezpieczających w jednostkach penitencjarnych: Przegląd materiału w formacie  w formacie .PDF

Prezervatyvų platinimo kalinimo įstaigose prieinamumas, aprėptis ir kliūtys: praktikos apžvalga

Доступность, охват и препятствия в реализации программ по предоставлению презервативов в тюрьмах: Обзор доступных данных

Availability, Coverage and Barriers Towards Condom Provision in Prisons: A Review of the Evidence in .PDF format

Report "Drug use and risk behaviour in prisons and upon release in four European countries" in .PDF format

Report "Continuity of care for drug users in prisons and beyond in four European countries" in .PDF format

J. Pont, T. W. Harding "Organisation and management of health care in prison. Guidelines" Council of Europe

Ch. Dubois, S. Linchet, C. Mahieu, J-f. Reynaert, P. Seron "Organization models of health care services in prisons in four countries" KCE REPORT 293

Хайно Штоевер и Даниель Даймель "Социальная работа и поддержка людей, употребляющих наркотики в Германии"

Offering HCV treatment to prisoners is an important opportunity: key principles based on policy and practice assessment in Europe

Effectiveness of prison-based opioid substitution treatment: a systematic review

Building Dialogue on Prison Health: Improving Access to Harm Reduction in Federal Prisons

New psychoactive substances (NSP) in prisons. A toolkit for prison staff. PDF. format

Harm Reduction in Practice, SWAPS, June 2018

Prevalence of Drug Injection, Sexual Activity, Tattooing, and Piercing Among Prison Inmates PDF format

Health Outcomes for Clients of Needle and Syringe Programs in Prisons PDF. format

Experts warm that imprisonment of drug users could lead to new global epidemic of HIV, hepatitis and TB PDF. format

Insufficient access to harm reduction measures in prison in 5 countries (PRIDE Europe) PDF. format

Prison-based needle and syringe programmes (PNSP) - Still controversial after all these years .PDF format

Provision of harm reduction and drug treatment services in custodial settings .PDF format

Possibilities of Tobacco Prevention in Prison - PDF format, german language version

Prison in Berlin - PDF format, german language version