This is a demonstration video on how to use NARCAN® (naloxone HCl) Nasal Spray properly.

Learning how to recognize an opiate drug overdose and administer naloxone can help save someone's life. This episode shows how to use nasal naloxone. Based on the training protocol created by the Oregon Health Authority

Kirsten Horsburgh is National Naloxone Coordinator at the Scottish Drugs Forum. She provides training, development and coordination for this life-saving national programme, which is fully funded and supported by the Scottish Government.

This short film of simulated overdose and naloxone administration is to show how simple it can be to save a life. No one needs to die of an overdose.

Krótki film pokazujący program wymiany igieł i strzykawek w więzieniu w Luksemburgu. Film jest z polskimi napisami, powstał w ramach europejskiego projektu HAREACT