Sexual contacts are an undeniable fact among prisoners around the world. However, policy makers and prison governors as well as medical services deny the existence of same-sex-activities in prisons. Homophobia is a global concept of denial of human variety of sexual identity. Once again the resistance against the provision of evidence-based preventive strategies is politically and morally driven! Again we find an example that effective and efficient strategies to fight HIV and other STIs are blocked by cultural anxieties deeply rooted in emotional resistance and the ignorance of easy-to-go preventive methods.



These results demonstrate that effective HIV/AIDS-related strategies can only be implemented in a broader context of change of perception and attitudes against minorities and discriminated so-called-deviant populations. However, if we are going to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2030 we have to take the key populations on board. If we are failing in doing so, we will be failing in reaching the SDG goals!

In order to exchange information, experiences with the provision of condoms we are organizing a “Condom Summit” on the 24th of January 2019 in Frankfurt/Germany!


Prof. Dr. Heino Stöver

The applicants should register through the following link:

Summit Agenda